About Us

Our Story

In her mid-40s Susan started suffering from bad menopausal symptoms. She felt that orthodox hormone replacement therapy (HRT) was not for her, so set about finding a more natural approach. Getting trustworthy information and advice was really hard. She found it was either too scientific or medically based or claimed to work with no proper evidence. Some treatments even carried extra health risks too.

Susanne is an Oxford science graduate and has also done an MA in Complementary Health Studies at Exeter University so she decided to research and analyse all the options. She took a critical look at her life ? what she ate and drank and how she worked and exercised ? and found solutions and products that worked for her.

She decided to share this information with as more menopausal women as possible by creating a Menopause Support website where women can read her independent information and get help and support from each other through the forum.

The emphasis throughout the site is on giving women the information and confidence to make positive choices about how to take control of their own health through the menopause. All the information aims to be objective and evidence-based to maintain an unbiased, integrated and balanced approach.

As to the future? We look forward to this Menopause Support website continuing to extend its reach to meet the real needs of women and their families.