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5 A Day for a Happier Life!

28. September 2010 04:51

Happiness has become a science rather than an art, following the recent launch of the Movement for Happiness – an organisation using scientific research to understand why, as our incomes have increased we have not become happier.


The global happiness survey conducted in more than 150 countries from Argentina to Zimbabwe asked people, ‘What makes you happy?’  The study concluded that we think our health and wellbeing are the main areas to improve happiness but there are in fact other areas such as involvement in our local communities that are just as important and often overlooked. 


Also, we let short-term gains override what we know is probably best for us in the long term – I can really relate to this one!  Such as sitting down in front of the TV, or having that glass of wine rather than going to that exercise class you promised yourself.  But apparently, if you concentrate on how much better you’ll feel tomorrow with a more toned body, more rested from a better night’s sleep and so more energy to face the day rather than knowing that it could help prevent heart disease in 20 years time, you’re more likely to get to that class. In other words focus on short-term rather than long-term gains to keep yourself motivated.


If you’d like to know more go to (or you could always come on one of our Menopause Support Programme workshops and explore ideas for your own ‘5 a day for a happier life’!)