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The Cosmetic ‘Con’!

19. August 2010 12:00

At menopause our bodies become more sensitive to what’s in the beauty products and cosmetics that we put on our skin.


We know that our skin absorbs whatever we put on it – great when you’re using peppermint aromatherapy oil to sooth your headache but not so good if the contents of your shampoo, body lotion or toothpaste make your menopausal symptoms worse.


But what to look out for?  The  ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ labels are unreliable – I spend my time reading the ingredients listed on the back (with a magnifying glass!) and often find a list of chemicals – some of which are known to make menopausal symptoms worse.  For example, SLS or SLES – sodium lauryl (or laureth) sulphate, a foaming agent which is in everything from shampoos to toothpastes.  It is a known irritant and should be avoided if possible. 


Also there’s the Parabens, a group of chemicals used for over 50 years as preservatives – which are thought to act as ‘xeno-oestrogens’  – upsetting the oestrogen balance in your body. Highly undesirable at any time of life but definitely to be avoided at the menopause.


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