An answer to a great Festive Season …….

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An answer to a great Festive Season …….

21. December 2010 07:07


I’ve tried lots of different ways to ‘do’ Christmas over the years – from the enormous family gathering (how many could I squeeze round the table!) to the very small when even a small chicken was eaten for days afterwards!


But I’ve come to realise that what makes the difference is not what you do or how many you celebrate the festive season with but what your expectations are and then how you cope when it doesn’t go to plan!


I’m planning a very simple Christmas this year with those who are dearest to me – being with people I love, doing the things I enjoy (jigsaws and watching the Snowman film) and spending at least 15 minutes each day by myself either meditating, having a candle-lit bath or listening to my favourite music.


This way the fact that I haven’t decorated the house because of the snow or my daughter’s Christmas present hasn’t arrived because of the internet delivery problems isn’t a real issue. By having ‘me’ time each day really works – it gives me the time to think about what’s really important and makes a great Festive Season.  I hope it helps you too.



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