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Group leaders have a key role in Menopause Support. They are our public face, running the Programme meetings and delivering our message to the wider community. We aim to make the Programme available across the UK, starting from the South West of England in the Spring of 2010. Precise timing will largely depend on the rate at which we can find and train suitable leaders in each area. Could you be one of them?

All we ask of potential leaders is a personal appreciation of the changes at the menopause and an enthusiasm to lead women through the Programme, always remembering that what is right for one woman might not suit another. Training is provided.

Looking to the future, though, we hope our leaders will also actively contribute and feel involved in the way this organisation develops, through sharing ideas on the leaders’ dedicated part of this website and attending leaders’ meetings.

Training for Group Leaders

We have now started training more group leaders, for our courses in the South West of England, and we expect to organise more rounds of selection and training later in the year, as we expand nationally.

Training will be background reading and two weekend courses, covering the technical content of the Programme and practical teaching and group leadership skills. Women will be asked to pay for any books supplied and to make a contribution towards the costs of the training weekends (which is currently anticipated to be no more than ВЈ120 for each weekend).

For the latest details or for further information, please contact us.

For more details of pay, terms and training, see Leaders’ Terms.


Please read our Leaders’ Terms and Conditions
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