Believe the future is a postive place


Susanne originally set up Menopause Support to pass on to other women the information she had learned from her own experience.

Believe the future is a postive place

13. July 2010 05:40

Did anyone else see The ‘Body & Soul’ section in the Times newspaper this weekend?  If not, you missed a gem but here’s the gist – the front cover had a wonderful, glamorous picture of Diane von Furstenberg, 63, the fashion designer with the words ‘Super Sixities. Old Age? It hasn’t even started yet’


Inside there were several inspirational articles about women (and men) who are fully embracing life in their 60s with a positive yet realistic attitude to the ageing process.


Diane von Furstenberg says, ‘I’m having the most fun I’ve ever had in my life with my work.  Maybe because I’m more confident.  Maybe because I have more clarity. I have more energy than I’ve ever had.  And when you’re older, work keeps you young, it keeps you relevant.’


I also really identified with Lesley Garner, the 60 year old journalist,  ‘Ageing isn’t what it used to be, but it is real and we have to learn to work with it….  We shouldn’t feel guilty about concentrating on what gives us pleasure – ……..  Above all, we shouldn’t panic.  We’ve only just begun the next phase.  We could have another 40 years ahead of us.’


And this is exactly what we’re doing here at Menopause Support – we’ve now completed our series of spring/summer workshops, helping women make this attitude change.  Heart-felt testimonials show we’re making a difference to our clients.  One that caught my eye from Bristol recently,  ‘My doctor recommended the workshop …….I have found it transforming at a time when I very much needed that boost in confidence to believe the future is a positive place.’


Our autumn workshop dates can be found under the ‘Courses & Events’ section.

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