Dental sedation for nervous patients

Anxious patient dentistry

Are you nervous about visiting the dentist?

Dental sedation allows nervous patients to visit the dentist and have treatment carried out even if they are anxious about it.

This can be done for anything from a scale and polish to root canal treatment or an extraction.

Many dentists offer two types of sedation: IV sedation and inhalation sedation. IV sedation involves the administering of an anti-anxiety drug into the blood stream. Inhalation sedation involves the inhalation of Nitrous Oxide ‘laughing gas’ to make the patient more comfortable and relaxed during treatment. See more information.

In the past week, our local dentist has treated a patient who had not been to the dentist for years as he was ‘terrified’. An IV sedation was used in his case. After two visits for treatment he is ‘delighted’ with his teeth and ‘wishes he had done it years ago’. His initial problem was that he was scared of needles. This is very common in dental phobics.

With a bit of discussion and the use of I.V. sedation he was happy to have local anaesthetic for all his fillings without any problems.

IV sedation makes the patient feel slightly light headed and sleepy. (You are not asleep and will be able to respond to the dentist if asked a question).

One of the benefits of this type of sedation is that patients do not tend to remember much of the visit. From experience, they remember being sedated and then home time. All patients who undergo IV sedation require a chaperone as they cannot drive or be responsible after having it done.

Better dentist appointments with NuCalm – natural calming system

The Perfect Smile Studios is a leading dental practice based in Harley Street London and Hertfordshire. They offer pain and stress free cosmetic dentistry with their anxious patient treatments.  Email the team here

One of their most popular methods is a natural calming system, known as NuCalm. See more information.

Advantages of NuCalm:

  • Quick / easy
  • No sedative drugs used / natural remedy
  • Safe / no side effects
  • Anybody can have this treatment

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