Eat to Beat the Menopause! Wed 9th March 6pm – Menopause Support

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Eat to Beat the Menopause! Wed 9th March 6pm

Come to this free, fun, informative taster workshop with Susanne Fairbairn at Café Sustain, Culm Valley Integrated Centre for Health,Cullompton. Identify menopause ?superfoods?, taste & find out where to buy them, food and drinks to avoid and recipes the whole family can enjoy!

Should I consult my GP?

Although all the Menopause Support Advisors will do their best to help you, they are not medically qualified. Their advice and the information from the Menopause Support Programme is not a substitute for taking proper medical advice. If you have major or continuing concerns over your condition, we recommend that you consult your GP.

Any questions?

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