Late pregnancy shock – want to tell your story?

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Late pregnancy shock – want to tell your story?

14. September 2010 13:23

Are you an ‘older’ mother who, when you became pregnant and your periods stopped, you thought you were going through the menopause rather than having a baby?  And would you like to tell your story in the Sunday Telegraph magazine?  I’ve been asked by a journalist working for the newspaper whether I know of anyone who wants to be interviewed for an article they are running about unexpected late pregnancies.


The journalist, Jane Tucker sounded really approachable – not pushy at all – when she rang she assured me that, if you were prepared to be interviewed about this, that is discovering that you were pregnant rather than going through the menopause and what that felt like, you would have the final say of the words that would be printed – she called it ‘copy approval’. 


If you are interested in getting involved, or know of anyone who would, please e-mail me at



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