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I originally set up Menopause Support to pass on information and experiences I gathered through my tricky menopause. If you want my ideas, tips and products to help you with your symptoms, or if you want to know more about the latest menopause research then read my blog. I?d love to hear your feedback so please post a comment at the bottom of the page!

Menopause Treatments – Special Easter Offers!

21. April 2011 07:31

We’ve reduced our prices for HRT alternatives and Menopause supplements recommended by women in the recent YOU magazine article.  If you’re suffering with your first menopause symptoms and want to try a natural alternative to HRT then why not give the Ladycare magnet a go?  Read my earlier blog post to find out about the latest research.


Or perhaps you’re looking for a remedy for the difficult menopause symptom of dryness ‘down-below’? Then we’ve got just what you need, try our natural, organic lubricants.  These are so much kinder to your delicate skin and feel more realistic too. 


The menopause supplement Omega 7, Sea Buckthorn Oil, can also help with dryness, but you do have to take it for a few weeks to start getting relief.  We’re offering 50% extra free in our packs – so you pay for 60 capsules and get an extra 30 completely free!


Barbara explains that her sex life suffered as she found vaginal dryness a real problem. “I found Omega 7 quite helpful, it lessened my dryness.”


We’re keeping these offers, and the very popular Menopause Supplement – Pure Fish Oil with a massive 360 mg of EPA each capsule, until the end of April.  So hurry up, start helping yourself with your menopause and order today! 

Happy Easter!

Mail on Sunday YOU magazine a huge success!

12. April 2011 05:44



So a big thank you to everyone who gave their menopause story to journalist Rosanna Greenstreet.


If you haven’t seen the article ‘Menopause: A change for the better ….. or worse?’ in this Sunday’s YOU magazine then click on the link:


The article is full of real stories, including some great celebrities, on how women find their menopause.  What continually strikes me is how different everyone’s experience is.  Each woman’s menopause is totally unique.  Women must be encouraged to find the information and advice they need to make their own treatment decisions, whether that’s HRT, lifestyle changes, complementary therapies or a mix of all three!


The many appreciative comments on the Mail Online comment board and the response on the Menopause Support website shows how important this type of reporting is.  BT from Chester writes:


“How refreshing to see the ‘side effects’ of the menopause described so openly and candidly by such a variety of women.  This subject never seems to get the publicity it deserves and women over 50, like myself, tend to think they are the only ones suffering….”



Finding work difficult because of your menopause?

4. April 2011 10:52

Then you’re not alone.  Female staff have told the TUC that their managers don’t recognise their problems – they speak of being criticised for menopause-related sick leave, their embarrassment at discussing the menopause with their employers, and being criticised or ridiculed by their managers on the subject.


The TUC has recently published new guidance on how employers and the union reps can work together to support women through the menopause at work.  The report suggests initiatives such as:


·         the importance of encouraging a positive workplace attitude to the menopause

·         what physical changes can be made to the working environment that will help and

·         why working time flexibility is crucial.


Following our successful event at the Stress Awareness Week, Marie Taylor, Organisational Development Manager, Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust wrote,


‘Menopause Support, a contributor to our Stress Awareness Week, was very well received.  Over 50 members of staff received advice on managing the menopause and will receive further information via email.  We would like to thank Menopause Support for their support’.



Menopause Support is offering Menopause Awareness Training to work organisations which cover the topics above and more! 

If you know of an organisation who might be interested please contact me on

and help us to bring an end to the embarrassment, confusion and inaction around the menopause in the workplace.


Thank you. 


Fighting the invisibility of 50s+ women

12. January 2011 05:33

Congratulations to Miriam O’Reilly who has successfully won her case against the BBC for age discrimination.  The employment tribunal ruled that Miriam, 53, was dismissed because of her age (not sex) when senior BBC executives decided to overhaul BBC1 rural affairs (Countryfile) show in November 2008.


The exodus of older women disappearing from our TVs over the past few years has been lamentable – Moira Stuart, Anna Ford, Arlene Phillips and Selina Scott to mention a few.  It’s not surprising that so many women fear looking older and have difficulty in embracing their post menopausal life.  Women often believe that past 50 their useful lives have come to an end.  A regular comment I hear, ‘I just feel invisible these days’!  Not helped by the BBC whisking all our 50s+ role models from our screens.


But thanks to this case, campaigners believe times will now change with the BBC swiftly announcing ‘fair selection for presenter appointments’ as well as increased training for senior executives.  The future looks bright – let’s look forward to seeing many more gorgeously maturing women on our TVs.  

Help us to break the Menopause Taboo with the Mail on Sunday You! Magazine.

11. January 2011 06:37

I thought you might like to help us here at Menopause Support to ‘break the menopause taboo’ by telling your menopausal story for anonymous publication in YOU magazine from the Mail on Sunday.  


I’ve just been contacted by Rosanna Greenstreet who is a freelance journalist writing for the YOU magazine, the Weekend Guardian, the Sunday Times and various other magazines. She is also a published author with a weekly column for the Guardian and has also written the book – My Body My Enemy, which is about a recovered anorexic Claire Beeken.


She has been commissioned by YOU Magazine to write a piece about the menopause and is looking for women who have been through or are going through the menopause. The interviews will be anonymous. She would like to ask women about their symptoms. Any remedies that have helped them. How they feel about themselves. How the menopause might have changed their lives and impacted on their sex lives. What the plus sides are and how they feel once they are out the other side.  


She would also like to talk to someone who has been through early menopause and also a woman whose menopause was brought about by illness or an operation.


I am going to be interviewed today and will obviously be talking about the Menopause Support Programme!  If you feel you could do the same I know this will really help other women to know how they can get support too.


If you are able to help then please telephone her on 0208 892 8773 or email her

Did you hear Woman?s Hour? – All about HRT

13. December 2010 09:13

We’ve just finished listening to BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour this morning here in the Menopause Support office. 


It was a well balanced programme as it looked at both HRT as a treatment option as well as the more natural approaches such as nutrition and acupuncture.  Several women rang in and said what had worked for them – many were lifestyle changes and complementary therapies.


But what came across loud and clear was that women want reliable, trustworthy information so that they can make their own decision on what to use to help them through their menopause.  They want support from other women and time to discuss different approaches so that they can decide what’s the right one for them. 


So that’s where we come in – here at Menopause Support you can get evidence based advice through the Menopause Support Programme.  Look at the advice section on our website, download the free information, listen to a podcast or get the top tips.  Or if you want to hear from other women going through it go on the chat forum, a topic talk or come to a workshop.


We’re looking forward to hearing from you soon. To listen to the programme click on the audio link below. The Women’s hour program starts after 11 seconds into the show.

Alternatively, click here:
BBC Radio 4,Women’s Hour Monday 13th December 2010.

Sex and the Menopause

20. October 2010 08:45

Most research I have found on sex and the menopause is ‘medically’ based, for example, looking at how declining hormone levels result in a reduced sex drive.  But recently I was sent an interesting piece of research with a different approach – 12 British women were interviewed about their experience of sex through the menopause and their responses analysed. 


The research concluded that a good sex life depends on how women feel about their relationships against the backdrop of their own and their partner’s physically changing body.  It also showed how the changes in sex drive and sexual satisfaction through the menopause varied amongst women – not that dissimilar to a woman’s experiences of sex at other points in their lives. 


If you would like a copy of this research please contact us on


If you’re interested in this topic there’s a free lecture on 2nd December 2010 at Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists from 6.00 to 8.00 pm where Dr Claudine Domoney will address issues and concerns for women who have sexual problems during and after the menopause.  Topics will include interventions that might help and treatments (together with any side-effects) that may be useful.  To reserve your free place click on

Late pregnancy shock – want to tell your story?

14. September 2010 13:23

Are you an ‘older’ mother who, when you became pregnant and your periods stopped, you thought you were going through the menopause rather than having a baby?  And would you like to tell your story in the Sunday Telegraph magazine?  I’ve been asked by a journalist working for the newspaper whether I know of anyone who wants to be interviewed for an article they are running about unexpected late pregnancies.


The journalist, Jane Tucker sounded really approachable – not pushy at all – when she rang she assured me that, if you were prepared to be interviewed about this, that is discovering that you were pregnant rather than going through the menopause and what that felt like, you would have the final say of the words that would be printed – she called it ‘copy approval’. 


If you are interested in getting involved, or know of anyone who would, please e-mail me at



Believe the future is a positive place

13. July 2010 05:40

Did anyone else see The ‘Body & Soul’ section in the Times newspaper this weekend?  If not, you missed a gem but here’s the gist – the front cover had a wonderful, glamorous picture of Diane von Furstenberg, 63, the fashion designer with the words ‘Super Sixities. Old Age? It hasn’t even started yet’


Inside there were several inspirational articles about women (and men) who are fully embracing life in their 60s with a positive yet realistic attitude to the ageing process.


Diane von Furstenberg says, ‘I’m having the most fun I’ve ever had in my life with my work.  Maybe because I’m more confident.  Maybe because I have more clarity. I have more energy than I’ve ever had.  And when you’re older, work keeps you young, it keeps you relevant.’


I also really identified with Lesley Garner, the 60 year old journalist,  ‘Ageing isn’t what it used to be, but it is real and we have to learn to work with it….  We shouldn’t feel guilty about concentrating on what gives us pleasure – ……..  Above all, we shouldn’t panic.  We’ve only just begun the next phase.  We could have another 40 years ahead of us.’


And this is exactly what we’re doing here at Menopause Support – we’ve now completed our series of spring/summer workshops, helping women make this attitude change.  Heart-felt testimonials show we’re making a difference to our clients.  One that caught my eye from Bristol recently,  ‘My doctor recommended the workshop …….I have found it transforming at a time when I very much needed that boost in confidence to believe the future is a positive place.’


Our autumn workshop dates can be found under the ‘Courses & Events’ section.

A happy Menopause Support customer!

20. April 2010 05:45

I bumped into one of the women who came on the first ever Menopause Support workshop the other day – and I was really pleased to see how much better she was looking, enjoying life and full of energy.  When I asked her whether she had made any changes since she came to Menopause Support – she replied enthusiastically ‘yes and she was feeling so much more confident about life now’ but also (rather more thoughtfully)- ‘she couldn’t exactly put her finger on which of the changes she’d made since the workshop, had made the most difference.’


Like her, I have made lots of little changes to the way I live my ‘day to day’ life.  For example, I certainly go to bed a lot earlier these days (particularly if I’ve had a run of bad nights) and I’m more careful with what I eat and drink (much less caffeine and more nuts and seeds rather than the chocolate bars).  But which of the many changes I’ve made has helped the most is difficult to say – I believe it’s a combination of all of them.


This is a difficult concept, when we are so used to believing there should be a ‘single magic bullet’ to make us feel better – as when you go to your GP and get a ‘pill’ that fixes the problem.  But I think, particularly at this time of change in women’s lives, it’s a really good time to reflect and take stock of all the areas of your life, so that you can enter the ‘second-half’ of your adulthood in the right way for you.


And this is why the menopause support approach gives women the time to consider such a wide range – from how you think, feel, eat, drink, exercise, and which self-help lifestyle changes, natural and orthodox treatments might be right for you.