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I originally set up Menopause Support to pass on information and experiences I gathered through my tricky menopause. If you want my ideas, tips and products to help you with your symptoms, or if you want to know more about the latest menopause research then read my blog. I?d love to hear your feedback so please post a comment at the bottom of the page!

Does Menopause affect your sex life?

28. January 2011 10:57


The answer is YES for most of us …. but it’s a really difficult question to get a discussion going on.  Not only do we not like admitting to the menopause but we certainly don’t want to talk about how our sex lives are changing too.  But changing they are, if the experience of women I meet at Menopause Support are anything to go by.


During our workshops this topic of ‘personal relationships, feelings & emotions’ often overruns on time and is one of the liveliest and enthusiastically received.  I think women just want to feel they’ve got an safe opportunity to talk about it and know that how they feel, and what’s happening to them, is normal.  Questions like ‘Why am I just not interested in sex anymore?’  or ‘Can I do anything to stop it being so painful?’ are regularly discussed.


So with Valentine’s Day coming up (a bit cheesy I know!) we’ve decided to run a free Sex and the Menopause topic talk on the subject.  Register your free place now to join us on Thursday 10th February from 7.30 to 8.00 pm.  Telephone in and listen to my tips, ideas and latest research.  And if you want you can ask your question through the talk too, anonymously if you wish.


If you would like to hear a recording of this topic talk, please email us to request the link

Male menopause – true or false?

6. August 2010 12:14

I often get asked ‘Is there such a thing as the male menopause?’ particularly by men in their fifties!  I think it’s a really interesting question and one which I haven’t found a definitive answer for yet – but this is what I’ve gathered so far …..


We know that in most men the male hormone, testosterone drops around 1% per year after the age of 30. By about 70, the decrease in a man’s testosterone level can be as much as 50%.  But the drop is gradual over the years and not the same dramatic drop that women experience with the female hormones – oestrogen and progesterone at menopause.


The symptoms though can be debilitating namely poor sleep patterns, a reduced sexual function and drive, reduced muscle tone and increasing body fat, decreased energy and confidence.  All sounds pretty familiar to me – just like the menopause – so not really surprising that it’s a real challenge to keep a close, loving relationship going through this period of our lives. 


The Men’s page under the Support section on the website is a good insight and I hope it helps.