My first menopause support blog!

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I originally set up Menopause Support to pass on information and experiences I gathered through my tricky menopause. If you want my ideas, tips and products to help you with your symptoms, or if you want to know more about the latest menopause research then read my blog. I?d love to hear your feedback so please post a comment at the bottom of the page!

My first menopause support blog!

2. March 2010 11:06

I’m pleased you’re reading my blog as it’s the first I’ve ever done – and it’s all very exciting talking about the birth of Menopause Support.

I can’t remember life without MSC – even though the ‘light bulb’ moment was only last summer whilst on a walk with my friend Justine – it seems like such a long time ago!

The thing that’s amazed (and touched) me is the enthusiasm and support I’ve had from both women (and men!) when they find out about the venture – they can’t believe that it hasn’t been done before – it seems that it was a gap that really needed filling – so here we are!

This website is still very new and, as I write, not quite finished – so please excuse the ‘glitschs’ – but do please explore it and, as soon as you can, have a go at posting your thoughts on the Kitchen Table forum.

By the way Facebook is my next challenge – my daughter Rebecca has set up my account but I’ve no idea how I go about using it – must make some time sitting with a helpful ‘tecky’ person to find out! Will keep you posted….

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