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Personal Relationships

During the menopause it is possible to experience physical, emotional and mental changes that may affect the personal relationships in your life. Find out more by looking at the ‘Feelings and Emotions’ page or ‘Intimate Changes’ section. If you have a male partner who wants to know more he might find the ‘Men’s Page’ useful.


The emotional changes that take place around the menopause can feel earth-shattering and even terrifying for many women – particularly if you’re used to being very much in control of your life. The changes are coming … read more


Many women find that growing older with a partner has its benefits – you know each other well, have a shared history and can enjoy the sense of rediscovery and loss of inhibitions … read more

MEN’S PAGE (written by Susanne’s partner)

If you’re unsure what’s going on or just finding it hard to understand, perhaps my experience can help … read more

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