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Mirena coil
Posted: 13 May 2012 12:26 PM

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I’ve just turned 55 and had a mirena coil fitted 5 years ago because I was suffering from heavy periods, luckily it worked, although I continued to have a monthly bleed it was manageable. My problem is that I’m still having a monthly bleed, normally it last only a day or two with very little bleeding, but this month, I’ve had what feels like a ‘normal’ period, I’m bloated, have some cramp but its bearable and I’m now at day 3 and still bleeding although it does seem to be slowing down.

I’ve asked my doctor whether I should have the coil removed and she advised if I’m not using it for contraseption purposes (which I’m not) then it could stay in, but am I still in the menopause, I dont know and the doctor wasn’t particularly helpful. I’ve had some slight pelvic pain recently and wondered whether this is due to the coil or the menopause. Can anyone help!


Posted: 13 May 2012 12:27 PM

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Hi Lesley

Hopefully you will have found an answer somewhere else by now, but it sounds to me as though your coil has nearly run out of progesterone. If you haven’t finished the menopause, then the reduced amount of progesterone would allow your periods to restart, though hopefully not as heavily as before having a coil fitted.

Can you see another doctor? My GP was very helpful (I’m due to have my first Mirena coil fitted in 2 weeks time) and she did explain that the the Mirena would stop being as effective after 5 years and would need replacing, assuming I got on with it, and hadn’t completed the menopause by then.






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