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Mirena, bleeding and my sex life!
Posted: 13 May 2012 11:57 AM

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Hi, I gave in and had the Mirena fitted on 12th May after years of really heavy periods and 18months of horrendous menopausal symptons. I’m 50yrs old. I had been on a couple of different HRT regimes for about 6 months though and it had begun to work. No sweats, moods better and no waking up after 2 hrs! However bleeding was still bad. Anyway i have been bleeding / spotting ever since. It seemed to have stopped yesterday and I had sex last night. And started bleeding again! Brown awful blood. Very embarrasing as this is quite a new relationship (2 months) and was the first time we had sex.

Has anyone else had this? Why is it brown? Today I’m bleeding again and wonder if having sex has made it worse? Its driving me crazy!

i know it says can be iirregular bleeding for up to 6 months. Does this mean no sex for 6 months then? Typical – I meet the man of my dreams now 🙁





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